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If you own an Apple iPhone, having a reliable Apple iPhone repair service in Ottawa that you can count on is a must to ensure that your iPhone is always running in great condition. No matter if your iPhone needs a larger repair such as a complete screen and digitizer replacement or simply repair (a battery replacement) for your iPhone, Phone repair plus Ottawa is a trusted Apple iPhone repair shop in Ottawa. We have the authorized iPhone parts, tools and the experienced experts to get your tablet repaired quickly and correctly. We offer quick service to get your iPhone fixed same or nest day for your convenience.

Google Nexus Phone Repair in Ottawa

It can feel like the end of world when a phone needs repair, but at phone repair plus Ottawa, we want to make the process quick and painless.
Do you have the latest Google Nexus or a previous model like the Google Nexus 4 or even the Google original phone? No matter the model, you’ll get a high-quality repair, extremely fast turnaround times and excellent customer service.
Our highly trained techs can repair virtually any smartphone issue including glass and LCD replacement, water damage, home button repair, battery replacements and more.
We understand how traumatic it is when your Google Nexus breaks. We want to get you reconnected faster and for a lower price. Phone repair plus is located beside Ikea in Ottawa, a very convenient place for your phone repair. Stop in any time (work hours) to learn how we can help.

Samsung Phone Repair in Ottawa

Powerful screens and user-friendly displays make the web browsing and social media experience larger than life on Samsung smartphones. With so many great features, nothing can put a damper on your productivity quite like a problem with your Samsung device. If your Samsung phone is suffering from a cracked screen, battery issue or water damage, visit Phone Repair plus in Ottawa for quick, quality phone repair service. Our phone repair experts will have your Samsung device working as good as new in no time!

Moto Phone Repair in Ottawa

Whether you are browsing the web, following trends on social media, or simply making calls from your Motorola Android, you know you have a premium smartphone in your hands. From viewing movies and apps to emails and text messages, Motorola’s vibrant screens are what keep you going at work and at play. But nothing can throw you off like an issue with your primary source of communication. If you get caught with a cracked screen, battery issue or an unknown, yet frustrating problem, visit phone repair plus in Ottawa for quick, reliable and quality phone repair service. We save your smartphone’s life!

LG Phone Repair in Ottawa

LG products are designed with the idea of making “life good” in mind. You count on your LG smartphone to run smoothly, have a brilliant display, and make your life easier. The only thing better than having a functional smartphone is knowing you have a reliable source to turn to when you need a phone repair or any other repair assistance. Phone repair plus in Ottawa is here for you during all your tech troubles. We save your mobile life!

Blackberry Phone Repair in Ottawa

The Canadian telecommunications company, BlackBerry Limited, dominated the smartphone market in the early 2000s. While its market share has decreased since the advent of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry devices remain a solid choice among smartphone users. Many BlackBerry models still include a physical keyboard, which some find easier to use than a touch screen. If your BlackBerry smartphone is suffering from a cracked screen, water damage, or another common issue, visit r phone repair plus in Ottawa! Our phone repair experts at phone repair plus will have your BlackBerry running as good as new in no time.

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