LCD screen is broken

Pressure or heat can cause your cell phones LCD screen to crack, it looks shattered or like an ink blot. Most people think that phones are not fixable, but Phone repair plus in Ottawa can fix it for much less than the cost of buying a new one.

Keypad Failure

If either some or all of your keys are not working, Phone repair plus in Ottawa will open your cell phone to diagnose the problem. After troubleshooting and inspecting the device a technician will determine what part of your device has failed and call you with an estimate. If you like the price we will fix it and get it right back to you, if not then we will charge a small diagnosis fee.

Cell phone locks up or Freezes

Some phones will lock up or freeze on the home screen after being dropped, water damaged or from everyday use. Phone repair plus in Ottawa have the latest equipment and software to resolve this type of issue. We have hundreds of software files for Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Sidekick, Bell, Fido, Verizon, Cingular, AT&T, T-mobile, Alltel, Metro PCS, LG, Samsung, and many more.

Water Damaged Cell Phones

It is very common for cell phones to take a swim, what is unheard of is that now there is a chance to revive them. With state of the art technology and equipment our phone Repair technicians are able to perform CPR on your cell phone. We estimate our success rate with liquid damaged devices to be 75%.

Software Unlocking and Flashing

Phone repair plus in Ottawa can unlock your cell phone to work with other companies or for use overseas. We can also flash your cell phone to use the latest Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung or any other manufacturer’s software.

White Screen or Blank Screen

If your cell phone screen is going blank or white, you could possibly have a hardware or software problem. Our phone repair technicians will test your hardware and software to determine what is causing the problem and repair your phone fast.

Will Not Take a Charge

If your cell phone is not taking a charge or is heating up while charging, then most likely you’re in need of a new charging port for your cell phone. This process is extremely difficult but our factory trained Mobile Repair technician can fix it. We have thousands of new charging ports for almost any type of cell phone that you need repaired.

Damaged Housings and Faceplates

If you have broken your phone in two or have scratched it and want it to look like new, Phone repair plus in Ottawa can install a new housing. We carry housing’s for most cell phone manufacturers and guarantee an OEM fit. We also provide housings, faceplates, lenses, and glass screens to keep your phone operating and looking the way it did when you first purchased it.

Flip/Slide mechanism broken or damaged

If your flip or slide mechanism is not working properly, Phone repair plus in Ottawa can realign or replace parts to get you back to 100%. We stock OEM manufacturer approved cell phone parts for all carriers, including Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Solo and more.